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University of Waterloo Writing and Communication Centre

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NEWS for Winter 2018!

February 7, 2018

Beginning on March 1, 2018, undergraduate and graduate students will be limited to a total of four appointments per month. For graduate students, this equals four 50-minute appointments. For undergraduate students, this is equal to either four 50-minute appointments, eight 25-minute appointments, or a combination of both.

January 3, 2018

We are now offering undergraduate students both 25- and 50-minute appointments. Make sure you're choosing the best appointment length for your needs by clicking the drop-down menu and picking an end time.

Welcome to WCONLINE, the University of Waterloo Writing and Communication Centre's appointment and workshop booking system.

To find out about our other services, please visit our website.

  1. If this is your first time using this system, you must REGISTER with your or email address. Click "Click here to register" on the left panel. If you have already registered, just log in.
  2. Select the calendar you need on the drop-down menu. Undergrads can book only on the undergraduate calendar, and grads can book only on the graduate calendars. The exception to this is that both grad and undergrad students at Pharmacy, Optometry, and Architecture campuses can book on these calendars. Similarly, workshops are open to all students.
  3. Appointments will show as 1 hour timeslots. Please note that appointments actually run for 25 and 50 minutes for Undergrad students and 50 minutes for Grad students.
  4. If you need to move or cancel an appointment, please give a minimum three hours of notice.
  5. If there is no appointment available on the day you need it, you can add yourself to the waiting list by clicking on the clock icon next to the date. You will be emailed as soon as a space opens up. You can also use our drop-in services, offered daily in the Library. See our website for details.